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An add me community for feminists.

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This is an "add me" community for womyn and men who support feminism. Its an open community for now, but the posts will be moderated. As soon as somebody in this community starts getting flamed, it will become a closed community and people will need my permission to join. I don't really want to do this, so play nice. =) Make a post introducing yourself and keep these rules in mind:

1. No trolls allowed.
2. Don't flame the other members.
3. No quizzes or surveys.
4. You can post pictures, but behind a cut.
5. No spam.
6. No ridiculous anti-feminist posts asking us all why we hate men. (See rule number one.)
7. No bullshit.
8. You may post advertisements for other communities that pertain to feminism or other topics that come up in discussion in this community. But absolutely positively NO RATING COMMUNITIES. I don't care if it rates personality and intelligence as well. The members of this community have the right to be free of judgement.

Don't let the rules scare you. I'm pretty open-minded and won't be quick to ban members unless they really drastically break the rules.

The moderators for this community are (in alphabetical order) crassy and raccoonbonapart. Please contact us if you feel that you are being treated badly by another member, or if you have any other problems.

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