Hannah (suikoden1989) wrote in add_a_feminist,


I just joined LJ a few days ago and haven't yet managed to obtain any mutual friends! 

I'm a 19 year old lesbian girl living in North West England.  I'm interested in dogs, Physics, feminism, paranormal activity, playstation RPGs and all sorts of other things.  

I had an LJ journal a few years ago and found that its mainly about my personal life, problems, crushes, interesting or funny anecdotes...just like a diary really.

 Add me if you're interested in reading my journal.  It doesn't matter if we don't have loads of shared interests, so long as you don't spam.  I'm also not keen on people who are arrogant, violent or aggressive.  I had a strange person on my last LJ who just talked about taking drugs, living on the streets and beating people up as if it were a form of art.  I don't want to add someone like again.

If you appreciate my profile picture, then you should definitely add me.  I'm a rejected plattypus.

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