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Letter Campaign : James N. Sears

Hi. I'm developing a  letter writing campaign and I hope you'll lend your support/comments/ feedback. The issue at hand  is James N. Sears, or more accurately,  the businesses that he operates. Also known as Dimitri the Lover, Sears works as both an expert witness and as a pick-up guru, and has a history of misogynistic behavior and psychiatric problems. He's not the kind of person you'd probably want collecting personal information about you or your loved ones.  For more about him please see the youtube video [Revised] THE UN-FUNNY TRUTH ABOUT DIMITRI THE LOVER. Also see my website for more background and a sample letter to be sent to your MP or City Councillor.
    [Not really work-place-friendly]

Despite the outrage that ensued after his actions became public knowledge through several news articles and lots of internet and Youtube attention, officals have done nothing--yet. Lets try to persuade them to take action. To say it is inappropriate for him to be involved in either of these businesses is an understatement but, considering his history, the fact that he is running two businesses that target women, and businesses that feed off each other, is clearly a violation of the requirement that an expert witness must avoid creating a conflict of interest. 

He is based in Toronto Ontario but according to his website '' he can work anywhere.

Please visit my site for more information.

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