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An add me community for feminists.

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6th June 2014

belenen1:28am: intersectional feminists are my fav.
I am: 31, an undergrad student, no kids, no live-in partner, no grown-up job. Also, queer, genderfree & trans, polyamorous, fat & proud, honest, open, a nudist, a social justice activist, a tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), an eclectic pagan Quaker, and an art catalyst. I try to write 4+ times a week and I'd love to have more friends who do the same.

Please add me if your journal centers around:
creation, growth, and learning &
emotional explorations of your experiences.

Please don't add me if:
you do not care about oppression &/or
you think that self-expression is more important than compassion (especially with regards to language!)

11th June 2012

araminya6:58pm: Knock knock!
Everyone seems to have disappeared from lj, and I would LOVE some new LJ friends!

I am
- 25
- Finnish but living in Sweden (since last September)
- not mainstream! I'm polyamorous, anti-capitalist (yes I know LJ is a corporation sush :P), anti-government (I don't quite identify as an anarchist yet but I agree with the lot), more and more anti-medicine, vegan... what-have-you. I'm blanking out here but trust me, I'm not mainstream. Lol. In fact I'm so left I'm off the political scale (quite literally).
- I try to be a crafting kind of person
- my dream life is full of travelling, lots of amazing sex with extremely hot people, eco communes/intentional villages, art, freedom, hanging out with awesome people, these big gatherings of like-minded people in peace, love, and understanding
- I am what most people would call a "hippie", when it comes to some of what I do, what I want to do, a lot of my beliefs and values, etc. I often dress quite stereotypically hippie-like. The clothes speak to me!
- an Internet (especially LJ) addict...
- currently a Sherlock fan

I blog about:
- my big goal of living in a car (a process since I don't have driver's license yet...)
- my boring life
- ...??? Random stuff, apparently. I don't blog much because, er, I don't know.
- I try not to blog about sex because it might be some serious TMI XD

Also, I am leaving to go camping in Slovakia in 3 weeks and won't be around perhaps not at all 'til August-September. :P Please add me though if you are of a similar mind! (Or curious about my car project or something.)

2nd October 2011

ohrimka898:34pm: Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

Add Me ohrimka89

23rd July 2010

desert_tamar7:48am: hello everyone!
Name: Tamar
Age: 28
Identity: I’m a feminist-Jewish-cis-white-middle class-academic-lesbian woman person.
Interests: museums, fanfiction (Buffy), canoes, camping, healthy living, Terry Pratchett books, travel, and my fiancee
Mini-bio: I'm a PhD student in Sociocultural Anthropology, trying to survive graduate school while planning a wedding. I've been using my LJ to post fanfiction for the past couple of years but I'd like to start using it to post personal things. I'm looking for thoughtful and interesting friends who would like to connect.
Current Mood: curious

9th May 2010

sidium4:31pm: Hey, what's up? I'm Brianna, I'm 18 and I am feminist. While my journal is new, I have been on LiveJournal before. I am just looking for some friends who share my views on feminism. I would love to read what others have to say on the subject. :)

3rd January 2010

cister5:09pm: Hi, I'm new. I'm a 29-year-old bigendered person who is into kink, LGBT discussions, Fantasy, and computer games a little too much for her own good. I'm especially fond of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,and Kristin Cashore's Graceling.

I started this journal to discuss issues relating gender, kink, and LGBT topics, and I generally try my very best to so from a non-asshole perspective, and that includes not being a raging misogynist, transphobe, homophobe, ablist, racist, etc..

At this point, I'm facing certain difficulties because I'm steeped in my own transphobia while coming to terms with not being entirely cis myself. I'm trying to explore how being mostly cis shapes and influences my way of seeing things, and I'd like to meet other people who think about similar things and talk about them in their journals. Another thing I'm exploring is what it means to be a dominant womanish thing who is into other women.

I'd be very happy to meet new people with similar interests.
Current Mood: curious

27th January 2010

polyglamorous7:06pm: :)
Hey everyone. I realize my LJ has only one post in it, but I'm far from new to LJ. I made my first journal back in high school, where I chronicled the joys of puberty & adolescence, and then another one when I started college. I still use my college LJ, but over the years I've made such lasting friendships with my LJ friends that I feel awkward being as honest as I once was. I don't know why it's easier to be truthful under the guise of anonymity, but for me it is. That said, my journal is likely to contain posts about the following: sexuality, eating disorders, self inflicted injury, childhood sexual & physical abuse, existential crises, random musings about life and death, and the pointless babble of your average twenty something.

To expand a bit: Cut because it's lengthyCollapse )

7th August 2009

angryjanedoe9:59pm: Angry Single Man Murders Three Women

xposted to[info]feminist_fury

I hope it's ok I post this here. I've been trying to think through the murder of three women at an LA Fitness club a few days ago by a man who was angry that he couldn't get any dates.

The posts are part of an ongoing project about ethics in dating. I've edited for clarity, but there are more details in the original. The obvious reaction is that it's not ethical to fucking shoot women because you can't get a date, but I guess I think there's even more than that to say. So the following is my attempt to say something about what these murders say about men and women and heterosexual dating nowadays.


I briefly fucked around with an older man. I'd say he was in his mid to late 50s, although he could have been even older. I never asked and he never told me.

When we were talking one evening after some wine and sex, he started to muse aloud. "I like you a lot. I even love you," he said, "but I don't see how we could get seriously involved. I want children and you're too old already. I need a younger woman."

I am about 15-20 years younger than he is. And he has pretty unrealistic expectations about the women he will date. They need to have an athletic body, a pretty face, and a good mind, like me. He wasn't having a lot of luck with those women and, after a few weeks, he didn't have much luck with me either.

What stuck with me were his expectations -- his sense of entitlement.

continued.Collapse )

4th August 2009

burningmarl9:47am: Hello I'm Rachelle, twenty and Welsh.

I've been into LJ since I was fourteen and it was a significant influence on me both coming out that year (which now seems so young!) and getting into feminism. I used to make friends through communities but now I tend to have time just to read my flist and I now suddenly want more people to read/chat to.

I'm an English student in Cardiff university, I used to live with 7 other girls in a big house which was awesome fun but now I'm moving in with my gf Bethan. We met through a LGBT youth group&a conversation about The Handmaid's Tale. I'm active in student politics and would like to be a sabbattical officer next year. I'm on the committee of a couple of societies. I really enjoy the Labour party, and have interned for an MP in Cardiff for a while.

This summer I've been unemployed and rained on, but have done some work experience for a Welsh Assembly Member (like an MP but just in Wales) in Swansea. I've also seen my friends&Bethan a lot. I guess that sort of stuff is what my journal is about, every day what-I-did-on-this-day stuff. Clubbing, eating out, watching films, the park&the beach when we're not drowning. I have a 13 year old Westie puppy who I love dearly.

As for feminism, I try and save my essay writing for school but I also try and 'live the dream' with various protests and awareness raising missions in uni. I'm working at some women's folk festival in September, woop!

Anyway! If any of that sounds up your street, add me :] I'm good at commenting because I'm nosy and can't keep my gob shut!
Current Mood: cold

13th July 2009

julma_sara9:43pm: hey, this seems like a perfect community for me.
So I'm looking for some LJ friends since I don't have a lot of them yet.
I'm a feminist,female,anarchist,vegan,atheist and pan sexual.
I'm in love with poetry and music.
Well, more about my interests you can see from my profile as well.
My journal is friends only, but just add me and I'll add you back!

11th July 2009

c_a_turbulence6:26pm: Speil
'lo all.

I've been on Eljay for years, under various guises. Recently I've become annoyed with discovering people on my flist to be racist/facist/homophobic/mysoginistic/wankers etc. Why can't these types be honest and say so on their interests? It'd save the bother of adding them, only to have to baleet them months down the line and cause drama. Yep, I ramble. I'm guessing that by definition, none of you are those types.

A bit about me? Wannabe writer, anarchist, kind of buddhist, try hard Vegan.

So, yeah, it'd be nice to befriend some of you!

2nd June 2009

moiracoon10:34pm: Geekgrrrl-next-door
Hi! I’m Moira. I’ve been on El Jay for nearly 7 years and have a fairly sizeable friendslist, but over time, a number of folks on my FL have let their journals go dormant. Essentially, I’m looking for an infusion of fresh energy and thought on my list.

What you will find in my journal:

-Random recounting of daily adventures with my two long-term significant others and our assortment of chosen family and friends.

-Nattering about art and various crafting, both my own and the work of others. I’m a jewelry designer/general tinkerer (Admittedly...corporate drone for 40+ hours a week, but I vastly prefer this guise) who works with a lot of repurposed/recycled elements. I’m also learning glass lampworking and often get really excited about learning new art techniques or finding nifty flotsam to play with.

-Rants and squees. A good balance of both, with occasional spans of tending toward one or the other.


I post pretty regularly, at least every few days. A great percentage of my posts in recent years have been friends-only, so my public journal does look a tad sparse. I’m quite open to adding new people to this circle, though. I just like to know who is listening. =)

30th April 2009

suikoden19899:31pm: Lick

I just joined LJ a few days ago and haven't yet managed to obtain any mutual friends! 

I'm a 19 year old lesbian girl living in North West England.  I'm interested in dogs, Physics, feminism, paranormal activity, playstation RPGs and all sorts of other things.  

I had an LJ journal a few years ago and found that its mainly about my personal life, problems, crushes, interesting or funny anecdotes...just like a diary really.

 Add me if you're interested in reading my journal.  It doesn't matter if we don't have loads of shared interests, so long as you don't spam.  I'm also not keen on people who are arrogant, violent or aggressive.  I had a strange person on my last LJ who just talked about taking drugs, living on the streets and beating people up as if it were a form of art.  I don't want to add someone like again.

If you appreciate my profile picture, then you should definitely add me.  I'm a rejected plattypus.

Current Mood: chipper

30th March 2009

tswithtammysmth1:59pm: Contact me
Have questions? Want to be anonymous? Well send me an email or a message with your question. I will anonymously post the question along with a response to tswithtammysmth.   I am here to provide all types of advice. From the weird to the norm, the fetishes to troubles at work.  Drop me a line. If your message is chosen you will also get a personal response so you don't have to check back to my page, but that is encouraged as well. Look forward to hearing from you. 

Current Mood: contemplative

21st March 2009

vitamincece2:10pm: TheDinnerCrowd
Hi all, I just made a community that is supposed to be a fairly relaxed fun civil discussion forum for talking about different aspects of identity, philosophy, social theories, and anything else you can think of, really. I have stamping but just for fun, it's not a HUGE part of the community. This is NOT a rating community AT ALL.

I hope y'all don't mind me posting this here. I am just trying to get the community off the ground.

thedinnercrowd...A discussion & activities community.

And mods, if you're interested in being affiliates just contact me!


17th March 2009

ageofsolar8:27am: looking for more fabinist friends
Hey all,
I'm Kelsey, 22 years old, residing in Calgary but soon to be Victoria BC. I'm a student just finishing up my English degree, but transferring to UVic to get my Women's Studies Honours Degree. I'm queer/lesbian and have considered myself a feminist for about three years now. My feminist/activist/academic interests are race theory/black feminism, radical and lesbian feminism, feminist literary theory, animal rights & women, dykes, masculinity, and oh-so-much more.

My journal has typical college student woes, lesbian musings, and of course, feminism & animal rights rants.

12th March 2009

grrrlesque6:36pm: Hello everyone! :) My name is Greta. I'm 26 years old and I live in Tennessee in the USA. I am into feminism and riot grrrl. I have been into both since 1997. I was 14 years old when I got interested in both. I am looking for more feminist or riot grrrl friends. I do make some of my posts in my journal about feminism and riot grrrl. If you want to know my interests, just check out my userinfo page. I run: add_a_riot, _feminism, riotgrrrlonline, and womensrights, which are all related to feminism and riot grrrl.

Wanna add me?: If you want to add me, just read my userinfo page first...especially the "Bio" section. Thanks!

2nd January 2009

00no_capitalism7:15pm: Peace Communities Now Offers Gift Certificates for Blogging and Writing! Happy New Year Everyone!
Hello all zine writers, wonderful folks, allies and everyone working for a better world,

Happy New Year!  In 2009, the Peace Communities, a progressive not-for-profit coalition of progressive groups with people from all backgrounds including many Native American tribes, will work harder than ever before to create a better world... and still have fun doing it!  If you are looking for the Peace Communities Progressive Coalition and online community and Social Networking website, with Member Profiles, Daily Photo Blogs, Rss Feeds from Feminist Blogs, Discussion Forums (promote your feminist projects, distros, websites and more),Events (promote events worldwide), Event Listings, Photos & Slideshows, Custom Video Players, Points and Gift Certificates Given for Original Writing from Around the World, Real-time Activity Stream and much more please click here.

If you're a blogger/writer wanting to earn 'peace points' in our online community redeemable for Gift Certificates to AKPress, The Beauty of Barter, PMPress, Microcosm Publishing and many more places worldwide join us at peacecommunities.org, click on 'online community.'

Thanks for all the wonderful things that each of you do!

You are the hero you've been waiting for!

Joy, Love, Peace,
-Peace Communities
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27th December 2008

tearthroughme8:25pm: Hi Everyone, I posted here once before but have set up a new journal for myself. So, let me start with a short into, yes?

My name is Racheal, I am:
a writer
a feminist
a rape crisis counsellor
a recent college grad (with honors)
and a million other things!!

Add me! Its a new journal, more me focused, so I am looking for people who are going to read, post and comment. I always try to do the same.

Current Mood: amused

3rd December 2008

scarytrees8:06pm: Looking for lj friends
LOCATION: Northern W.V. but moving to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks. 
MAJOR: Technical theatre.  
I'M INTO: Going to see plays, doing things with my girlfriend, watching movies, anything fun pretty much.
MAKES ME TICK: Gender roles, misogyny, misandry, racism, homophobia, U.S. imperialism.
MUSIC: Belle and Sebastian, Vollmar, Beat Happening, Sonic Youth.
MOVIES: Amelie, Bend It Like Beckham, Serendipity, Rushmore, Pineapple Express.
BOOKS: I mostly read nonfiction. Currently I'm reading Howard Zinn's "SNCC: The New Abolitionists." 
MY JOURNAL: Mostly about random things happening with me.
Current Mood: cheerful

14th December 2008

c_a_turbulence6:17pm: Intro
Hi everyone, just thought I'd do a short intro, as requested.
I'm Alex, a 25 year old biomale. I'm currently on disabilities due to ill mental health. I spend my time pretending to be a writer and reading. I'm a dubious buddhist, die hard vegan and wannabe anarchist.
I've only recently become what I'd regard as a proper feminist. Currently I feel like I'm struggling against the tide, particulary when it comes to other guys and their attitudes. At the moment I'm engaged in a 'debate' with a kind of (well not any more) friend who'se developed the habit of taking pictures of girls backsides and posting them on facebook along with comments about their assests. he's using phrases such as 'it's all fun' and 'you love it really'. Unfortunatly he has a group of women who support him and see nothing wrong with this rapist mentallity.

Well that's me and my diatribe.

Nice to meat you all.

17th September 2008

raccoonbonapart5:42pm: Hello, I've started a new blog about feminist parenting and I'm looking for readers. It's http://newfeministmom.blogspot.com

I'm not due to have my baby until mid-October, so I'm not actually parenting yet, but I discuss what I'm learning about to prepare myself, women's issues, and family issues.

Hope to see you there!

27th August 2008

hush_doc6:30pm: Letter Campaign : James N. Sears
Hi. I'm developing a  letter writing campaign and I hope you'll lend your support/comments/ feedback. The issue at hand  is James N. Sears, or more accurately,  the businesses that he operates. Also known as Dimitri the Lover, Sears works as both an expert witness and as a pick-up guru, and has a history of misogynistic behavior and psychiatric problems. He's not the kind of person you'd probably want collecting personal information about you or your loved ones.  For more about him please see the youtube video [Revised] THE UN-FUNNY TRUTH ABOUT DIMITRI THE LOVER. Also see my website for more background and a sample letter to be sent to your MP or City Councillor.

    [Not really work-place-friendly]

Despite the outrage that ensued after his actions became public knowledge through several news articles and lots of internet and Youtube attention, officals have done nothing--yet. Lets try to persuade them to take action. To say it is inappropriate for him to be involved in either of these businesses is an understatement but, considering his history, the fact that he is running two businesses that target women, and businesses that feed off each other, is clearly a violation of the requirement that an expert witness must avoid creating a conflict of interest. 

He is based in Toronto Ontario but according to his website 'secondopinion.ca' he can work anywhere.

Please visit my site for more information.


26th August 2008

raccoonbonapart11:29am: Choice
Fetus rights

The Harper government moved yesterday to extinguish an emerging debate over fetal rights by distancing itself from a Conservative private members' bill that would make it a separate crime to injure or kill a fetus while committing violence against a pregnant woman.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, whose government might go to the polls this fall, said he will introduce his own competing bill that would make pregnancy an aggravating factor for judges to take into account when sentencing those who assault expectant mothers.

But he stressed that he intends to make it clear that the new law is worded in a way that "leaves no room for the introduction of fetal rights."

There's this show that I like called Ghost Hunters and sometimes I'll look up the places that they're investigating to learn a little bit about the history. Once they were investigating a house believed to be haunted by victims of the Manson family. I didn't know very much about Charles Manson at that point, so I googled him and found out about Sharon Tate being murdered when she was eight months pregnant. This was a few months ago, early in my pregnancy, and it really freaked me out. I think that what happened to her is awful.

Having said that, I don't think that it should be a separate crime to kill the fetus because then they could make it a crime for a woman to have an abortion. But I think that by attacking a pregnant woman and killing the fetus, the attacker is taking away the woman's right to choose whether or not she wants to have a baby. "Choice" means that the woman as the right to not have a baby OR to have a baby. I think that the conservatives are looking at this from the wrong perspective. Even making a bill that's more "tame" and making it extra-bad to kill someone who is pregnant without saying why it's extra-bad is alluding to giving rights to the fetus. If a pregnant woman is attacked, she is the one who is the victim.


x-posted to my own journal

17th August 2008

beautiflytragic12:35am: Hey fellow feminists =)  
Here's some stuff about me:

NAME: Ariel Dansky
AGE: 19
SCHOOL: University of Central Florida
MAJORS/MINORS: Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies, possible double major or minor in Political Science
I'M INTO: feminism of course, indian food, politics, activism, live music, opera, Haruki Murakami novels, LGBT rights
MAKES ME TICK: the republican party, conservative ideologies, ignorance, apathy, racism, sexism, homophobia, too much nationalism, xenophobia
MUSIC: M.I.A, Regina Spektor, Capsule, Watcha Clan, Asobi Seksu, Telepopmusik, Electrelane, so much more... (
BOOKS: Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, Harry Potter, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, Manifesta by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
MY JOURNAL: Is mostly just about what's going on in my life.  Since I do a lot of political activism at school (I'm an officer in College Democrats) and an active member of SAFE (a gay rights club), you will be hearing a lot about all of that.  I also post photos and occasionally music.

Add me?  =)
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