Aura (araminya) wrote in add_a_feminist,

Knock knock!

Everyone seems to have disappeared from lj, and I would LOVE some new LJ friends!

I am
- 25
- Finnish but living in Sweden (since last September)
- not mainstream! I'm polyamorous, anti-capitalist (yes I know LJ is a corporation sush :P), anti-government (I don't quite identify as an anarchist yet but I agree with the lot), more and more anti-medicine, vegan... what-have-you. I'm blanking out here but trust me, I'm not mainstream. Lol. In fact I'm so left I'm off the political scale (quite literally).
- I try to be a crafting kind of person
- my dream life is full of travelling, lots of amazing sex with extremely hot people, eco communes/intentional villages, art, freedom, hanging out with awesome people, these big gatherings of like-minded people in peace, love, and understanding
- I am what most people would call a "hippie", when it comes to some of what I do, what I want to do, a lot of my beliefs and values, etc. I often dress quite stereotypically hippie-like. The clothes speak to me!
- an Internet (especially LJ) addict...
- currently a Sherlock fan

I blog about:
- my big goal of living in a car (a process since I don't have driver's license yet...)
- my boring life
- ...??? Random stuff, apparently. I don't blog much because, er, I don't know.
- I try not to blog about sex because it might be some serious TMI XD

Also, I am leaving to go camping in Slovakia in 3 weeks and won't be around perhaps not at all 'til August-September. :P Please add me though if you are of a similar mind! (Or curious about my car project or something.)
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