MoiraCoon (moiracoon) wrote in add_a_feminist,


Hi! I’m Moira. I’ve been on El Jay for nearly 7 years and have a fairly sizeable friendslist, but over time, a number of folks on my FL have let their journals go dormant. Essentially, I’m looking for an infusion of fresh energy and thought on my list.

What you will find in my journal:

-Random recounting of daily adventures with my two long-term significant others and our assortment of chosen family and friends.

-Nattering about art and various crafting, both my own and the work of others. I’m a jewelry designer/general tinkerer (Admittedly...corporate drone for 40+ hours a week, but I vastly prefer this guise) who works with a lot of repurposed/recycled elements. I’m also learning glass lampworking and often get really excited about learning new art techniques or finding nifty flotsam to play with.

-Rants and squees. A good balance of both, with occasional spans of tending toward one or the other.


I post pretty regularly, at least every few days. A great percentage of my posts in recent years have been friends-only, so my public journal does look a tad sparse. I’m quite open to adding new people to this circle, though. I just like to know who is listening. =)
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