c_a_turbulence (c_a_turbulence) wrote in add_a_feminist,


Hi everyone, just thought I'd do a short intro, as requested.
I'm Alex, a 25 year old biomale. I'm currently on disabilities due to ill mental health. I spend my time pretending to be a writer and reading. I'm a dubious buddhist, die hard vegan and wannabe anarchist.
I've only recently become what I'd regard as a proper feminist. Currently I feel like I'm struggling against the tide, particulary when it comes to other guys and their attitudes. At the moment I'm engaged in a 'debate' with a kind of (well not any more) friend who'se developed the habit of taking pictures of girls backsides and posting them on facebook along with comments about their assests. he's using phrases such as 'it's all fun' and 'you love it really'. Unfortunatly he has a group of women who support him and see nothing wrong with this rapist mentallity.

Well that's me and my diatribe.

Nice to meat you all.
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